No matter whether it is xxx or xxx, watching a fast bowler tearing away aggressively in a lightning speed hurling thunderbolt at the batmen cowering to defend the wicket creates an exhilarating sight. 

Nothing is more exciting than watching the bowler, bowl the batman out. That sight is not just awe-inspiring, but it is also very crucial in winning the game of the cricket. 

Unlike in spin bowling where the speed of the delivery is not critical, in fast bowling, this is not so. 

A typical fast delivery has a speed in the range of 137-153 km/h and it is common to subdivide fast blowers according to the average speed of their deliveries. 

Fast Bowlers: have a delivery speed of over 141 km/h. 

Fast-Medium Bowlers: are classified to have a delivery speed of between 130 km/h and 141 km/h. 

Medium-Fast Bowlers: have delivery speed in the range of 120 km/h and 129 km/h. 

Medium Bowlers: have an average delivery speed between 100 km/h and 119 km/h. 

In 2015, Mitchel Starc in a test match against Ross Taylor of New Zealand achieved a delivery speed of 160.4 km/h. 

This mark led to him being categorized as an ultra-fast bowler, even though he often bowls at speeds significantly lower than that mark. 

Now, why do you have to bowl fast? 

It is simple. 

Fast bowlers at their best are worse nightmares to the opposing batmen. They are perhaps the most important assets to any team and hold the trump cards to win any game. 

They are every captain’s dream. They are tasked with the dirty work of destroying the opposition’s batting order, taking the wicket and preventing the batman from scoring runs. 

They aim to do this, by hurling the ball in such speed and trajectory the batman will find it difficult to address its flight path accurately.  

The quick pace of delivery means that the batman has less time to predict accurately the flight path and swing the bat to defend the stumps and this gives the bowling team the chance to pick early wickets and fortunately, this is good at slowing down the scoring rate. 

The implication is that the opposition will then play the rest of the game trying to catch up and in the course of this trying to narrow the win; they might make other mistakes that might further cost them the game. 

It might be safe to assume that fast bowlers have probably won matches than the other field positions. This is perhaps the reason most teams strive to get the best out of their fast bowling department. 

Wrapping it up 

Unless you are playing with an amateur team, it might not be possible to win a game of cricket without at least a fast bowler. 

Their usefulness lies in their ability to create an problem for the batman with their pace, swings and bounces and this makes it difficult for the batman to respond with the appropriate counter swing. 

So when you are planning your next game, don’t ignore the destruction a fast bowler can bring to the opposition team. 

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