Cricket has many exciting aspects that make it one of the most renowned sports in the world today. However, Cricket fans are always arguing about which of the aspects f Cricket is the most important. The majority seem to agree that the most important and exciting aspect of the gentleman’s game is batting. 

Batting is a technique employed in Cricket by the batsman, and it refers to the stance of the batsman, his movements as well as his body’s execution of a Cricket stroke. It is a tricky Cricket to learn and master as a result of the pressure of having only one chance before the innings is over. 

The batsman is one of the members of the batting team who does his best by trying to hit the ball that is delivered by the bowler. Then he runs between wickets with the aim of getting as many runs as possible. 

The movement of the batsman for a specific delivery, for the most part, depends significantly on the type of shot that is attempted. 

The stance is the perfect standing position of a batsman just before a ball is bowled at him. The batsman’s feet must be 40cm apart and parallel to the crease with a shoulder pointing down the wicket and head facing the bowler.  

When the ball is about to be released, the batsman ready’s himself by lifting his bat to play a stroke, then returns to his former position to tackle the ball again. 

There are different types of shots a batsman can master and play: 


This is a shot that a batsman can play by sweeping the bat down across the vertical arc and through the line of the ball. A drive can be: 

  • A straight drive
  • A drive
  • A cover drive
  • An off drive

It all depends significantly on the direction the Cricket ball travels. 

Edge, or glance 

This is a shot that is played off the bat at a glancing angle and through the slips area. 


This is a cross-battled shot that is played to a low, bouncing ball. The ball is usually from a slow bowler, and the shot is taken by kneeling on one knee and swinging the bat in a horizontal arc to the leg side and near the pitch. 


This is a shot that is played with the bat and close to the horizontal and which hits the ball anywhere within the arc between gully and cover. 


A block is a defensive shot that is played with the bat angled down vertically at the front of the wicket. This technique aims to stop the oncoming ball, and then dropping it down quickly in front of the batsman. 

This shot is also referred to as either forward defensive or backward defensive, depending on whether the batsman plays the ball from the front foot or the back foot. 


This is cross-battled shot played to a bouncer that is at or close to the batsman’s head. The shot is intended to hit the ball high in the air over square leg – occasionally for six runs. 

Reverse Sweep 

This is another cross-battled shot that is played to a low bouncing ball which is mostly from a slow bowler. The batsman goes down on one knee and swings the bat around in a horizontal arc close to the pitch.  

Halfway through the swing, the blade of the bat is reversed, and the ball is swept around to the off side from the leg side. 

French cut 

This is usually an attempt at a cut shot somehow hits the lower edge of the bat and goes off into the area behind square leg. 

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