Are you just starting out playing the “Gentleman’s game” known as Cricket? Then you must know how important it is for you to get the necessary tools or equipment to play the game effectively. 

There are set rules that govern the game of Cricket, and if you must play the game at any level, you must be fully geared up for your overall safety. 

Here are the most important equipment that Cricket players use when playing the game: 

Protective Equipment 

You cannot play Cricket without donning protective gear. This is to ensure your safety during the tournament. Wicketkeepers and batsmen are expected to wear an Abdo guard, i.e. abdomen guard – also known as a box or cup – to protect themselves from the force of impact of the Cricket ball hitting the body. 

Wicketkeepers, batsmen, and fielders – usually positioned near batsmen – also need to wear leg pads to protect their shins. 

Furthermore, fielders and batsmen usually wear helmets – which may or may not come with attached visors – to protect their heads from the hurtling ball. Wicketkeepers are also expected to wear protective eyewear to shield their eyes. The impact of the ball when it hits the wicket can be enormous, and bails might be displaced tremendously. 

Wicketkeepers wear gloves, but the gloves are not the same as the type worn by batsmen. The gloves worn by wicketkeepers are thin while batsmen’s gloves are thickly padded, especially at the top of the five fingers. 

At times, wicketkeepers make use of gloves with webbed fingers as this feature helps them to catch the incoming ball. 

Sun hats, baseball caps, and cricket caps are also permitted as they protect the heads of Cricket players from the direct rays of the sun. 


Cricketers are required to wear short-sleeved polo T-shirts in every tournament. However, this is not an inflexible rule as the weather may sometimes dictate what a cricketer should wear on the day of a Cricket match. 

This is why it is also allowed for cricketers to wear woolen vests or jumpers as well as long-sleeved polo T-shirts and white pants. Cricketers can also wear spiked shoes to increase traction on the sports ground or playing field.  


The bats used in this game – which must be less than 10.8cm and not more than 96.5cm in length – are constructed with flatwood and attached to a conical handle. Although there is no specification as regards the weight of a bat used in Cricket, the generally weigh between 1.2kg and 1.4kg. 


Cricket balls – weighing between 155.9 grams and 163 grams – are very hard, even though they are made from cork and covered in leather. A cricket ball can cause grievous harm or injury when there is an impact on the human body. 

Cricket balls come in several colors, though the two most prevalent colors used in the game are red and white. 

  • White cricket balls are used in One-day matches
  • Red cricket balls are used in First Class cricket as well as in Test cricket


All the equipment used in a typical game of Cricket are stipulated by the laws that govern the game, and these set of rules apply to Cricket across the world. 

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